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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  February 3, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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health alert. the growing concern this morning about tainted milk sickening people not very far from here. and whiteout, a major snowstorm is threatening to make a lot of people forget about this mild winter. good morning. welcome to news 4 today. i'm eun yang. >> good morning. i'm joe krebs. let's take a live look outside now. that snow is not here, but we have -- we'll find out whether we have clear skies. we'll talk to tom about that. 37 degrees right now. tom what is the weekend going to be like? >> the winter that wasn't continues. we still don't have any wintry precipitation in the foreseeable future. it's a cold start. capitol hill under a clear sky. 40 degrees at reagan national. wind 5 to 10 miles per hour. dew points, rather dry in the 20s. the rest of the region, it's near freezing in montgomery, fairfax, arlington counties, prince george's county, southern maryland, near the waters, near 40 degrees.
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further west and north, blue ridge, shenandoah valley, much of western maryland near or a little below freezing. the view from space showing clear skies here. we have high pressure moving over us now. just a few high clouds drifting in later today in advance of that big storm hitting denver now. that storm is coming east, passing to the south of the metro area. for today, plenty of sunshine. sunrise will be at 7:13. by 9:00, it will be near 40. boy noontime, upper 40s. peaking in the low 50s during the afternoon. we'll have just a few high clouds drifting in by late afternoon. look at your friday evening planner in ten minutes. danella has a look at friday's traffic. couple issues in the road ray for you. inner loop of the beltway, the off-ramp to arlington boulevard, route 50, an accident on the right side of the roadway there. chopper is en route.
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traveling southbound greenbelt road, your accident on bw parkway is in the median. use caution as you make the commute. if you're traveling the beltway in prince george's county at central avenue, getting just a bit busy. travel speeds still good. taking the outer loop making your way from pennsylvania avenue to bw parkway, 64 miles per hour. that trip will only take you ten minutes. joe and eun, back to you. >> thank. one person was injured in a fire in northwest washington. this happened around 2:30 this morning in the 600 block of o street. more than 60 firefighters responded. the fire started on the first floor. all of the building's residents are back in their homes. the cause is under investigation. today the labor department will release its january jobs report. economists believe employers added more than 150,000 new jobs last month, but they expect the
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unemployment rate to remain at 8.5%. the unemployment rate has fallen for four straight months. the government is also expected to release its annual revisions to earlier jobs figures today. those will probably show hiring was stronger over the past two years than previously thought. today president obama heads to arlington. he'll speak this morning at fire station number five at pentagon city where he will discuss a new initiative that will help returning military veterans become firefighters. this is the president's second strip to virginia this week. he'll announce a new mortgage refinancing plan on wednesday. the republican white house hopefuls will be campaigning today in nevada, one day before that state's caucuses. in any polls are an indication, tomorrow could be a big day for mitt romney. the former massachusetts governor holds a 20 point lead over newt gingrich over likely gop caucusgoers in the latest poll. rick santorum and ron paul are in distant third and fourth place. romney now says he misspoke when
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said he is not very concerned about poor people. he called the comment, which he made in a television interview on wednesday and repeated during a so-called clarification with reporters on board his airplane an accidental misstatement. romney insists he meant to say that he is focused on primarily on helping middle class americans hurt by the bad economy. today congress will hold hearings on accountability at arlington national cemetery. two house subcommittee also hold the hearings a week after the cemetery's executive director revealed at least 70,000 more people are buried at the cemetery than originally believed. that new tally comes as officials conduct a grave by grave count in response to reports of misplaced remains. the man charged with killing his georgetown socialite wife
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will appear in court today. albrech muth will appear in court at 9:30 this morning. he is accused of beating and strangling 91-year-old viola mf draft last august. saying í convicted in a deadly accident will learn his punishment today. carlos montano was drunk when he slammed his car into another car in 2010. that crash killed denise mosier and injured two other nuns. this is montano's third drunk driving offense. the crash happened while he was awaiting deportation. montano faces up to 70 years in d ñl[tx4á$ier this caseor happened in the 830 ahead,, 703-330-0330znaround 3:00 in yard at fu
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xigating leads. if you have any information on b
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welcome back. new york city mayor michael bloomberg said he will match up to $250,000 in new donations to planned parenthood. the move comes as the komen foundation cut off money to planned parenthood. it uses the money for breast cancer screenings and other health related services for low-income people and people who don't have insurance. the komen foundation said it cut funding based on new criteria for grants. and right now, let's go to tom kierein in storm center4 to see what kind of day we'll have on this friday. tom? >> we are off
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this morning. around the region temperatures right down into the mid 30s now in prince george's. arlington, fairfax and montgomery counties. a lot of temperatures not reporting on the network here all of a sudden. we'll trouble shoot that. as we look at view from space, clear sky from washington's trinidad neighborhood to landover, great falls, annandale and poolsville. temperatures are near the mid to low 30s much of the region. near 40 in washington and by the bay. day planner, sunrise at 7:13. by 9:00, upper 30s. by noontime, upper 40s. during the afternoon, plenty of sun hitting the low 50s. a few high clouds late this afternoon, and for your evening plans, for this friday night, sunset at 5:31. should be a mostly clear skatar to the evening. by midnight, clouds coming in. a look at the rest of the
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weekend. could get a little precipitation. we'll look at that and next week in a couple of minutes. danella, how is traffic? >> this accident on eastbound route 50, it was block the right side of the ramp but now it's gone. virtually just moved to the left shoulder lane. all travel lanes are open on the ramp. traveling i-95 getting a bit busier at fairfax county parkway. definitely hitting the brakes. delays start around lorton. once you past route 1 and make your way towards lorton, that's when you slow down. joe and eun? >> thank you very much. >> 6:11 now. 36 degrees. ahead, the indianapolis sports story mb(,qacase more interestió
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good morning. welcome back. health officials say the number of people sickened by raw milk
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is up to 35, spread across four states including maryland and west virginia. 28 people are in pennsylvania, four in maryland, two in west virginia, and one in new jersey. they have all become ill. health officials say the january 1st. the farm suspended raw milk
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h a 36-year-old woman, marriage has the same toms.ólp hose working for erin a night as 'taking soil and other. they're upset at th officers responded with tear gas and then opened fire on the protestersnj9"e ñç school. ibç,"ands of there aro the police force let the ri 2ñ
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country's military áwgency laws. allg v +4 down fo weather channel meteorologist mike siedel has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: this fr to not all winter. some foothills had over nine inches of snow. out here on i 25 in inglewood, a major north/south route from denver down to albuquerque. the east west routes will likely have issues80.> down at times. this storm will continue to ram up and it will snow through at least tomorrow morning. ofoqms then warn towards interstate 80. dum truc keepy denver. the city has put plows and blades on 4x4 light trucks and dump trucks to keep the residential streets clear. a big storm.
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12 to 18 feet in denver. some places pick up two feet above-average far this at season. national to mind, believe it or not, midland, texas. everybody else as you know has had less than two inches of snow so far this winter at national airport. eun, back to you. liz some lovers interstates1kk% are you mentioned some of the roads are shut down what about the airport? we know the air travel is effected by this blizzard. >> some of the interstates may be shut down. they are not shut down yet, but they may be shut down. it's common they will put the gates up. denver international is open, but at least a couple hundred cancellations. they will ratchet up. all are airlines, out frontier and southwest are issuingnjm(( you you a without
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saves you a few dollars. if you are trying to get out today, you may be stuck. >> all right. mike side siedel live in denve thank you very much. >> is the game football fans have been waiting for all real long. super bowl weekend is3 final ifoi,polis, where the stadium is being prepared, not only for the game but for the really big blockbuster half time show. she spoke to the press yesterday but didn't reveal a lot. if you want to go, a ticket will cost you about $3,400. jim vance and dan hellie are in indianapolis getting you ready for the big game. we are now just two days and 12 hours away from kickoff. it's 6:30, in case you didn't know. voice" and don't go to bed
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without watching new 4 at 11:00. >> that's an order. indianapolis will be buzzing about this report today. peyton manning co tukring missed the entire 2011 offering a conflicting position. we were hurtinãhere.xd >> for easy.rúf ou forohóa> sever l inx tom we iht the weather. we were just hurting show for snow. pt6d wesky. seeing all that snow out near denver. >> low?ñ ton mid for few lo in ure 2
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thegeorg from the7:13.ísev 406 atlanticdegrees. tz midmorning, do swvers sv lots7:0 50s during the afternoon. high clouds drifting in by late afternoon. now, for overnight, here is the evening planner. sunset by 5:31, down to the mid 40s bydegre that sst clouds moving gettingin war ofvh sunshine saturday morning, but then clouding up the rest of the day with highs give that denver storm, that's moving east but coming into warmer air and moving south an chilly43 does as we into nmorning, but it may
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be coming close enough to give us some wetness, maybe a little wetsouthi-2 get into next mgf1 o the avenue. good travel speed on the outer loop, 52 miles per hour on the outer loop. 395, you are hitting the brakes from beltway, thick to duke, but still a good travel speed, 52 miles per hour. >> it's 6:22. 42 degrees out there. ahead, the federal pay freeze being introduced in the senate. >> and a local woman locked up >> and a local woman locked up aftehi. welcome to carmax.
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"and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. a group called argentina's mothers are protesting prince william in the falkland islands.
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prince william is there for a six-week deployment as a search and rescue helicopter pile. the islands are a british territory but argentina claims the islands as their own. this year marks the 30th anniversary of argentina's invasion that led to the falklands war in 1982 in which british troops took back control. a gaithersburg woman is in custody in new york city accused of trying to extort money from the general manager of the new york yankees. louise nethway talked cashman for several months. she got cashman to pay her $6,000 by threatening to hurt his reputation. nethways say cashman had an inappropriate relationship with her and accuse him of turning on her when it went badly. ahead, the spice scare that local parts are being warned about. and the charges against a local teacher and coach. and a small fire leads to a surprising discovery in one
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stepping up security. a local school making changes while police look for an intruder. and teacher in trouble. police accusing a local educator of an inappropriate relationship. good morning.
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welcome back to news 4 today. i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. let's take a live look outside right now at 6:29. 38 degrees. what a beautiful picture of the horizon. gorgeous. we've had a lucky streak of nice, warm weather. it looks like winter is back. >> it will feel like it. you will need your gloves, you may feel like i don't need my gloves. that's what kids say. no gloves, no hat. >> it is cold. >> pretty cold. down to the upper 20s now in montgomery county, fairfax, near freezing at prince george's county. reagan national at 38 degrees. yes, it's finally starting to feel like winter again. looking at the view from space, a beautiful clear sky. that first light showing up on the eastern horizon. we'll have plenty of sunshine today, a blue sky. there is a live view from city camera.
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capitol hill. by noontime, upper 40s. then during the afternoon, we'll have a few wispy high clouds passing over us. temperatures reaching the low 50s. might hit mid 50s, from fredericksburg, warrington. if you have plans for friday night, you will want to see the evening planner coming up in about ten minutes at 6:41. here's a look at the friday morning commute. good morning, danella. chopper 4 over 495 in virginia at lorton. taillights not so bad, heading north to fairfax county parkway, that's where you start to slow down and you will see some volume as you continue to move. not so bad, clear right now heading out of dale city. southbound, travel lanes are open for you. i-66 busy at waples mill. you are petty slow continuing to
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nutley. on average 54 miles per hour. joe, back to you. >> thank you very much. a developing and important story, strong warnings coming from iranian leadership in response to reports that israel could soon launch an attack on iran to prevent that country from developing a nuclear weapon. u.s. and israeli officials are saying that the odds of an attack are better than 50/50. iran's i toll ayatollah says any attacks against iran will harm america. charles county public schools are warning parents about a dangerous game students are playing. the superintendent is warning parts of "a possible health risk some children are taking when playing a knockout or passout
6:33 am
challenge." three students were taken to the hospital after holding their breath until they passed out. kids are also taking a "cinnamon challenge" that's eating large amounts of cinnamon. that is making the students sick. principals will talk to parents about the hazards of these game. police are trying to figure out how a man talked himself into ketcham elementary school on wednesday afternoon. the 11-year-old was escorting him around the school when the assault happened. a second man is behind bars in the murder of an alexandria activist whose body was found in a well in prince george's county. 20-year-old ivan newman was arrested yesterday in connection with lenny harris' death. he faces murder, kidnapping and
6:34 am
robbery charges. earlier this week, police arrested 49-year-old linwood johnson. they expect to make even more arrests in the case. the motive for the murder appears to be robbery. police in montgomery county are asking for your help in finding a 14-year-old girl and her 6-month-old baby. the two went missing yesterday afternoon in wheaton, maryland. shanee cox and her 6-month-old daughter noveo were last seen yesterday in the 2200 lock of georgian yeah. police believe the two are still in the wheaton or glenmont area. and the family are concerned about her and the welfare of that baby. if you have information call police at 301-279-8000. >> senate workers may not be getting a pay rise for two
6:35 am
years. the house passed a bill wednesday night to halt raises until next year. former redskins quarterback heath shuler will also be a former senator as well. gop lawmakers in north carolina just redrew schuller's congressional district and it is now friendlier to republicans. customs and border patrol agents caught another suspected heroin smuggler at dulles airport this week. the man arrived on a direct flight from rome. he provided a counterfeit lufthansa airlines badge. an affidavit alleges that he had more than a pound of heroine in his stomach. this is the third heroin smuggling arrest this year. at bwi marshall, a delaware man was cited for stashing a compact cattle prod in his carry-on luggage. tsa agents discovered it at a security checkpoint. the 61-year-old was given a ticket for carrying an unauthorized weapon prohibited in the airport. he was allowed to board his flight to albany, new york. it is now 6:35.
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37 degrees out there. ahead, the charges against a local teacher and coach. also hidden in plain sight. how a small fire helped lead police to a bust in one of the busiest parts of the district. got you. the fast start for a speed camera that drew the ire of a famous chef. how many drivers it's nabbed already. and
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it may soon pay off to bring your own bags when grocery shopping in prince george's county. the county is thinking of adopting a 5 cent bag tax on disposable plastic bags. environmental groups say the fee could reduce the number of bags
6:40 am
in the river. a similar tax already reduced the amount of trash in the river. joe, you were saying it's not just for grocery stores. >> no, it's for every store. my wife had an experience at montgomery mall. she was in shopping, she bought some stuff, they put it in a box and handed it to her in a box. >> he didn't realize it was at the malls, too. >> still, you can pay for it. if you don't remember to carry your stuff with -- >> people in the malls with clothes in their hands. >> tom kierein telling us about a return to winter, but a beautiful morning out there. >> a gorgeous blue sky over the lavender waters of the potomac. a clear start. that's a live view from our city camera on this friday morning. it's feeling like wintertime. temperatures in fairfax, arlington, prince george's, montgomery counties, upper 20s to low 30s. reagan national at 38.
6:41 am
elsewhere, near or below freezing much of the region. a clear sky from oxon hill, new carrolton, fairfax city, merrifield and rockville. day planner. sunrise at 7:13. near 40 by 9:00. noon, upper 40s. afternoon low 50s with sunshine. your evening planner, sunset at 5:31. a chilly evening. mid to upper 40s, by midnight, around 40 degrees. it will continue to drop after midnight with clouds. could get some precipitation on the weekend. we'll talk about that and look at the first part of next week in ten minutes. danel danella, how is traffic? >> the report of an accident on pennsylvania avenue, blocking two left lanes. montgomery avenue, really slow. travel speeds at university boulevard, 41 miles per hour. not so bad. but a live look. you are slowing down and you will keep seeing volume making
6:42 am
your way to georgia avenue, but it's not so bad just yet. taking the rails, caution at medical center, all the entrance escalators are down. shuttle bus service has been called for. back to you both. 6:42. a teacher and part-time coach at two schools in montgomery county is in jail. he's accused of having sex with a 16-year-old student. scott spear is a social studies teacher at julius west school. he is also a basketball and track coach at richard montgomery high school. he is accused of having sex with one of the students he coached on the track team. we talked to the school as well,
6:43 am
and we found out that spear is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. he is expected in court for a bond hearing later today. police discovered meth labs in popular d.c. neighborhoods known for their night life and highent. tuesday night police found a meth lab in the 1600 block of r street northwest. last week police made the discovery on s street northwest in the shaw neighborhood. police made the latest discovery at scene of a small fire there. that agency is consulting with the u.s. attorney's office. a transgendjengender person stabbed at a bus stop. police chief kathy lanier says the man dressed as woman was stabbed in the head. the victim was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police say there were signs of a struggle but it's not clear if this was a robbery or a hate crime. police so far have made no arrests. the man charged with killing
6:44 am
his georgetown socialite wife will appear in court today. albrech muth will appear in court at 9:30 this morning. he is charged with beating and strangling 91-year-old viola draft last august. muth said he is innocent and initially said that draft died after falling and hitting her head. he later changed his stong her the iranian army. an illegal immigrant convicted in a deadly accident in virginia, which killed a nun will learn his punishment today. police say that carlos montano was drunk when he in august of 2010. that crash killed denise mosier and injured two other nuns. this is montano's third drunk driving offense. the crash happened while he was awaiting deportation. montano faces up to 70 years in prison. person was injured in a fire in morning in the 600 block of o street. more than 60 firefighters responded. the fire started on the first floor. all of the building's residents are back in their homes this morning. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. today the labor department
6:45 am
will release its january jobs report. economists believe employers added more than 150,000 new jobs last month, but they expect the unemployment rate to remain at 8.5%. the unemployment rate has fallen for four straight months to its lowest level in fairly three years. the government is also expected to issue its annual revisions to earlier jobs figures today. those adjustment also likely show that hiring was stronger over the past two years than previously thought. president obama is expected to talk about jobs -- about the jobs report when he heads to arlington this morning. he will speak at fire station number 5 near pentagon city where he will discuss a new initiative that will help returning military veterans become firefighters. this is the president's second trip to virginia this week. the republican white house hopefuls will be campaigning today in nevada, a day before that state's caucuses. and if new polls are any indication, tomorrow could be another big day for mitt romney.
6:46 am
the former massachusetts governor holds a 20-point lead over newt gingrich among likely gop caucusgoers in the latest law vegas review journal 8 news now poll. rick santorum and ron paul are in distant third and fourth place. romney is now saying that he misspoke when he said he is not concerned about the very poor. he called the comment, which he made in a television interview on wednesday, he called it an accidental misstatement. romney insists he meant to say that he is focused on primarily on helping middle class americans hurt by the bad economy. virgins may get to vote for newt gingrich, rick santorum and any other candidate in the primary. the house of delegates is expected to vote today to allow write-ins on ballots. some candidates failed to quality for next month's virginia primary because they failed to submit their required number of signatures needed to
6:47 am
appear on the ballot. those candidates sued to get their names on the ballot but a judge rejected that argument. it's now 6:46. virginia house delegates oec s overwhelmingly approved a bill to repeal the kings dominion law which requires a school start date after labor day. proponents say it would improve test scores, opponents say it would hurt the tourism industry. the bill heads to the senate where it suspected to meet strong opposition. today the virginia state senate will vote on a bill that suspected to end the one handgun per month bill. the law has been on the books since 1993. it was designed to cut the flow of firearms from virginia to cities in the northeast. if the bill passes the senate, governor bob mcdonell has said he will sign it. super bowl sunday is fast approaching. if you are not concerned with the game, chances are you may be among the millions who watch just to see the commercials like this one.
6:48 am
this year companies that shelled out big money for the ads are hoping you will be watching with phone in hand. cnbc's jackie deangelis has that story. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. super bowl advertisers will be betting big on mobile this year. a new survey finding that 60% of people will use their phones during the game. a third will be on facebook. 6% on twitter. companies are trying to leverage that. verizon is teaming up with the nfl to live stream the game. when you combine that with the shazam app, it will take you to websites that further market the products. coke has an interactive site where the polar bears are going to be reacting to the game, the half time show and the ads. a lot to watch out for. back over to you. >> jackie, thank you very much. have a great weekend. the super bowl may end up being the most watched game in
6:49 am
history. it's already the most egs pen sie expensive for those attending the game. aaron gilchrest has more. >> most of us will be kicking back with friends and family this weekend, for those of who make the trip to indy, a seat to the biggest game comes at a pretty hefty price. tickets, this is unofficial, but tickets are going for the highest they've gone on record. right now an average, you would buy a ticket for about $3,400 for one seat on the internet. that's down from nearly $4,000 a week and a half ago. tickets to last year's super bowl in dallas were going for just over $3,000. the new cowboys stadium held almost 3,000 more than indianapolis. as far as tailgating goes, cnbc reports that you will pay to
6:50 am
park. the highest price tailgate parking prices, $499. if you're bringing your rv, tack an extra 500 bucks on to that. the most expensive spot going for a cool $1,000. it's not just the nfl making a s are cashing in. federal officials in indianapolis say they seized nearly $5 million in fake super buteñf bei stores, flea markets, vendors and the internet. if you are looking for some swag, get it from a licensed dealer. the focus may be football this weekend, but indianapolis' true claim to fame is racing. our of jim vance decided to try his hand at indy cars. it's called the indy ratcing experience.
6:51 am
instead of driving on a track, you drive in downtown indy in one of the cars. he rode in a replica of a car from the king of indy, mario andretti. looks like jim vance enjoyed that experience. >> what do you have to do to truly drive it? >> looks fun. >> look for special reports from jim vance and dan hellie onbc 4. they will be giving you live updates for the big game. kickoff is two days, 11 hours and 30 minutes away. there's still time to register for our super fan.demonium sweepstakes. you can win lunch with the news 4 sports team go to our nbc washington facebook page, like us and enter to win by 10:00 monday morning. that's a good surprise. wonderful people. >> yeah. >> individual lunches or all four together? >> all four, like a big party. >> very fun. >> 6:51, weather and traffic on the 1s. tom? >> a cold start. live view behind us.
6:52 am
clear sky this morning, temperatures at 6:51, reagan national at 38 degrees. a north-northwesterly breeze around 10 miles per hour. elsewhere it's below freezing in much of the region including arlington, fairfax, prince george's county. shenandoah county, panhandle of virginia into west virginia, near the bay waters, upper 30s we have high pressure over the region now that is giving us a clear sky this morning. it will be in place throughout the day today. sunrise at 7:13. we'll have our temperatures by 9:00 near 40. by noontime upper 40s. ought to hit the low 50s during the afternoon. a few wispy high clouds and a blue sky later this afternoon. overnight tonight, heading out this friday evening, a chilly evening. low to mid 40s through mid evening, partly cloudy near 40 by midnight. by dawn on saturday, four-day forecast will be down to the low 30s tomorrow morning. a lot of clouds around on
6:53 am
saturday. that big storm out west that is hitting denver with snow is coming east, weakening and coming into milder air. it may be passing south of us saturday night. after reaching 50 on saturday afternoon, we will thicken up with cloud cover saturday night into pre-dawn sunday. maybe a little wet snow north of washington, northern maryland. a dry and chilly pattern through much of next week. danella, how is traffic? >> taking metro, keep in mind if you are traveling to the medical center, all transescalators are broken. shuttle bus service has been requested. and traveling the outer loop of the beltway, an accident at pennsylvania avenue. it's now out of the roadway. no issues in that area. i-95 in virginia, still hitting the brakes just a bit at fairfax county ma county parkway. northbound at 48 miles per hour. hey, you've seen worse, right? it's not that bad. it's friday. happy friday to you. back to you both.
6:54 am
>> we have seen worse. you may want to avoid the inner loop of the beltway in the tyson's corner area tonight. v-dot will be closing all lanes of northbound 495 just before leesburg pike. crews will be setting a 250-ton steel bridge girder. that girder will be part of the express lanes ramp from the beltway on to leesburg pike. one lane of 495 will close at 9:30 tonight. all lanes closed by 11:00 with closures lasting as long as 30 minutes. >> construction should be finished by 7:00 tomorrow morning. if you are headed into the metro sing on thek line.s delays. completedgo orange and blue lines and the arlington cemetery station on the blue line will close tonight at 10:00. shuttle buses will be running. also single tracking on the red line. all the work should be completed for monday morning's commute. expect the inconvenience that comes with those closures and delays on metro your years
6:55 am
to come, especially on the system's busiest lines. transit officials say there will be a steady stream of maintenance for the next three years on the red line. that means there will continue to be stations closed and single tracking most weekends. metro also says they hope to r hire nearly 900 new employees this year to fix and maintain the system. a speed limitu0at drew the ire of a local chef is a cash cow. the camera, which is on a downhill curve got public attention after a restaurant owner hired a sign spinner to warn drivers of the camera. chef jeff received three tickets in that area. the speed limit in that area is bened on new
6:56 am
maryland family f in before1x two in west virginia and one in new jersey have become sick. the outbreak has been linked to the chambers family farm in pennsylvania. anyone who bought milk at that farm on or before january 1st should throw it away. ne out the door forecast from tom kierein. >> cold start to this friday morning. near freezing perhaps wet snow out inq outloo sunshine, low 50s. tomorrow morning, near 30s. late saturday night, very early sunday morning, maybe a little lighte perhaps wet snow out in the northern suburbs. chilly and dry into next week. danella, how is traffic? >> 395, not so bad making your way from edsall. some volume towards seminary road. travel speed is 43 miles per hour. back to you both. >> danella, thanks. that is new 4 today.
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